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Dulcimer Fiddle Tunes

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the irish dulcimer: a collection of traditional irish fiddle tunes, slow airs & songs arranged for the fretted dulcimer, with accompaniment chords & musical notation for other instruments

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Fiddle Tunes For Dulcimer-The Rights Of Man: Complete Tablature For The Cd

Dulcimer Fiddle - 4

Mel Bay American Fiddle Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer

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Old Time Hammered Dulcimer Favorites

Dulcimer Fiddle - 6

Festival Folks: Appalachian Portraits From Fiddle Festivals

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Making Musical Instruments: Banjo, Snare Drum, Dulcimer, Tambourine, Hardanger Fiddle, the Dolmetsch Recorder

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O'carolan Tunes (Tunes for Hammer Dulcimer, Fiddle, Etc.). Arranged By Sara Lee Johnson. For Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle. Kitchen Musician No. 3. Irish. Difficulty: Medium. Fakebook. Standard Notation, Chord Names and Introductory Text.

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Mummer's March / Masters in the Hall (Hammered Dulcimer and Fiddle Instrumental)


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