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6g Tunnels - 1

JOVIVI Pack of 28 Mixed Colors Ultra-thin Soft Silicone Double Flared Flexible Flesh Tunnel Plugs Gauges 6G

6g Tunnels - 2

Longbeauty 6 Pair Stainless Steel Screwe Flesh Tunnel Expander Eer Plug Gauge Earlets 6 Colors 6MM

6g Tunnels - 3

2pcs Stainless Steel White Single Row Gem Screw Flesh Tunnel Ear Plug Expander Stretcher Body Piercing Jewelry 6g(4mm)

6g Tunnels - 4

14G-00G Plugs Kit Black Plugs Stretching Kit (1.6mm-10mm) - 18 Pieces

6g Tunnels - 5

PiercingJ 4pcs 12G-00G Stainless Steel Tapers Stretcher + Ear Single-flared Tunnel (Silver) (2g=6mm)

6g Tunnels - 6

JOVIVI 6pc Mix-color Gauges Set Stainless steel Single Flared Ear Tunnels Plugs Stretcher Jewelry

6g Tunnels - 7

Xpircn 14pcs Mixed Colors Punk Acrylic Screw Plugs Tunnels Ear Stretching Kit 12g 8g 6g 4g 2g 0g 00g 1/2"

6g Tunnels - 8

0 Gauge Teal Teardrop Glass Spiral Taper (8mm) - 2 Pieces

6g Tunnels - 9

Longbeauty 9 Pair 5MM Thin Silicone Ear Skin Flexible Flesh Tunnel Expander Gauge Earlets 9 Colors at the same size


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